Latest COVID-19 Numbers

Gov.Murphy announced today the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in New Jersey has increased by 864, bringing the total to over 163,000. There have been 79 additional deaths, bringing the state total to over 12,000. Since the peak of the pandenic, the number of residents in hospitals across the state and those needing intensive care are both down 70% or more. Atlantic County Health officials today reported the deaths of three women from complications of COVID-19. All of whom had underlying health conditions. Officials also reported 21 more positive tests among eight males, ages 6-76 and 13 females, ages 17-81.

Gov. Murphy to Name First Black Woman to States Supreme Court

Gov. Phil Murphy said earlier today he would nominate Fabiana Pierre-Louis to the state Supreme Court. She would be the first black female to hold the post, if confirmed. She would succeed Walter Timpone, who reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70 in November. She i Murphy’s first pick for the high court and must now be confirmed by the Democrat-led Senate.

AC Residents Could See Tax Decrease

Residents in Atlantic City may see their municipal taxes lowered if a proposed tax decrease is passed. Standing in the courtyard just outside of the city hall building, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. announced Thursday a 9.6 cent tax decrease in the municipal tax, a 5.35% decrease from 2019. Meaning a home assessed at $100,000 would pay $1,702.72 in municipal taxes, which does not include school or county taxes. It equates to about a $96 cut.

AC Man Charged with Rioting After Protest

An Atlantic City man has been charged by federal authorities for participating in a riot after an otherwise peaceful protest last week. Carlos A. Matchett, 30, was allegedly observed enticing people to loot and vandalize stores in Atlantic City after the protests on May 31. Authorities said Matchett was also screaming obscenities at law enforcement, and when he was ordered to disperse, Matchett allegedly refused, leading to his arrest by local police. Officers allegedly found a knife, a hatchet and a jar filled with gasoline inside a backpack that he was wearing

Gov. Murphy on Latest COVID-19 Numbers

At his daily briefing this afternoon, Gov. Murphy said The number of positive cases of COVID-19 in New Jersey has increased by 603, bringing the total to over 162,000, Murghy also said there have been 92 additional deaths, bringing the state total to 11,970. There are 1,982 people hospitalized across the state, including 537 people in intensive care and 406 people on ventilators. So far, Atlantic County has reported 2,337 cases with 163 deaths and 956 cleared as recovered. Cape May County has reported 639 cases with 49 deaths and 431 designated off quarantine. Cumberland County has reported 2,171 cases with 79 deaths.

Personal Care Businesses to Open this Month

Nail salons and tattoo shops in New Jersey will be part of “Stage 2” of the state’s coronavirus reopening plan, joining hair salons and barber shops as personal care businesses that will soon be allowed to operate, according to officials. Barber shops and hair salons will be allowed to reopen on June 22. A specific date for nail and tattoo shops has not yet been set. Gov. Murphy’s office said the openings will be part of a “gradual phase-in.”

NJ Plans Unveiled to Improve Nursing Home Care

Gov. Phil Murphy unveiled and endorsed recommendations on improving nursing homes’ responses to outbreaks after COVID-19 ravaged long-term care facilities in the state. The 100-page report calls for improving nursing homes’ emergency response by consolidating operations for all facilities in a single center. The plan also called for increasing wages and ensuring access to paid sick leave. Murphy reported there were over 5,000 lab-confirmed deaths among residents and staff at long-term care facilities.

Cape May County Reports No New COVID-19 Cases For First Time Since April 5th

Cape May County is reporting no new cases of COVID-19 today for the first time
since April 5. While the numbers of COVID-19 continue to decline in the County,
progress continues to be made in expanding testing options for the disease.
Because of the actions taken by residents of social distancing, hand washing, and
wearing a mask, the positivity rate has dropped as the amount of testing options
increased. For the week between May 17 to May 23, it is calculated that the
positivity rate in tests were 2.5%.
During this time, at least 2,174 tests were performed, or 310 per day. In total, 56
positive tests were returned during this stretch. The tests are sent to various labs
across the Country to process. While all the positive tests are returned, it is unclear
if all the negatives do and the number of tests run per day during that period could
be higher as a result. This would only potentially decrease the positivity rate.

State Parks are Filling up Early

Over two months into a virtual lockdown, New Jersey residents can still escape their homes to enjoy the sights at their local state parks, forests and recreation areas.
Unless they hit capacity. Since their statewide reopening May 2, all state parks have reduced parking capacity to 50% to maintain social distancing regulations and curb the spread of the coronavirus. Some have reached capacity as early as 12 p.m. so arriving early is always smart.

AC Police to Receive Use of Force Guidelines

Citing George Floyd’s death, New Jersey officials said Tuesday the state will update its guidelines governing the use of force by police for the first time in two decades and will move to require a statewide licensing program for all officers. At least 43 other states require some licensing requirement for officers. The announcements also include a pilot program in a handful of cities across the state to conduct training programs aimed at promoting safe interactions between police and communities,