Police Release Sketch Of Jogging Attack Suspect

There’s a sketch out now of the man police say is responsible for an assault recently on a jogger in Birch Grove Park. He’s described as white or Hispanic, 5’11”, possibly in his twenties. The Press of Altantic City reports the victim, a 28 year old woman, says the man dropped his pants and ran toward her as she was jogging on May 7th. She was able to get away.

Spanish Speaking Town Hall To Be Held In AC

There will be a Spanish-speaking town hall event in June for Latino residents and business owners in Atlantic City. The Press of Atlantic City reports it will be hosted by the state Department of Community Affairs and the Atlantic City Initiatives Project Office and takes place on June 18. Several hundred people turned out for a similar event in January. The time and location of the program next month hasn’t been determined.

Court: ‘Borgata Babes’ Case Can Go To Trial

Five cocktail waitresses who sued an Atlantic City casino for gender bias and a hostile work environment can take their case to trial. That ruling comes from state appellate court. The women claimed, first in 2008, that the dress code for Borgata Babes as they’re called, resulted in a culture of humiliation and harrassment. They also made the argument that the casino should not be allowed to dictate how much they weighed. The case has been dismissed by a trial court, and has been appealed twice.

AC Police in Your Neighborhood

The Atlantic City Police Department debuted their Neighborhood Coordination Unit today. Two officers were assigned to each of the city’s six wards, and four officers were assigned to the homeless outreach program. During their shifts, the officers will spend time on community engagement, according to a news release from the police department, and will be available by cell phone for non-emergency matters. They will also go to neighborhood and business association meetings within their assigned ward, and focus on quality of life and crime trends.

Cocktail Servers can Take AC Casino to Court

A state appellate court says five cocktail waitresses who sued an Atlantic City casino for gender bias and a hostile work environment can take their case to trial. The woman initially sued the Borgata casino in 2008, claiming the dress code for the “Borgata Babes” created a culture of humiliation and harassment. They also argued the casino shouldn’t be allowed to control how much the waitresses weighed. The appeals panel decision published Monday found some of the casino’s enforced standards included harassment of women for their weight while battling illness or while pregnant. But overall, the weight requirement itself didn’t violate New Jersey’s anti-discrimination law.

Lower Township Police Taking Part In ‘Click It Or Ticket’

Lower Township Police making clear its efforts to take part in the National Click It or Ticket Campaign. Running now through June 2nd, officers will be looking for unsafe driving, and enforcing seat belt usage. Authorities will be out in force and will use high visibility checkpoints and saturation patrols to check for compliance. Crash figures predict that, in New Jersey, between 2013 and 2017, more than a thousand lives in New Jersey were saved by people wearing seatbelts.

Downbeach Express Fares On The Rise In June

Come June 3, 2019 fares on the Downbeach Express will be on the rise. According to the Press of Atlantic City, Class 1 Express Pass patrons will pay $1.40 per crossing, and Class 1 cash travelers will pay $2.00 per crossing. Those hikes are 10 cents and 25 cents higher, respectively. It’s the first rate increase in three years, according to the company which owns and operates the service. The fares are needed for upkeep on four bridges and roadway the express uses.

Police Name Woman Who Died In Bike, Bus Accident

A fatal crash involving a woman on a bicycle in West Cape May. Police say 57 year old Efterpi Hines of Cranbury, died after colliding with a New Jersey Transit bus at the intersection of Broadway and Yorke Avenue at 5 p.m. Saturday. That bicycle was electric assisted and authorities are still trying to determine what happened.

Man Charged In Memorial Desecration Fired By Boss…His Father

A man accused of relieving himself on a memorial in Mays Landing for a boy who died of cancer, has now been fired from his job, by his boss, who is his father. 32 year old Bryan Bellace of Egg Harbor Township was arrested after video emerged on Snapchat of a man relieving himself on a memorial dedicated to Christian Clopp. The man who allegedly shot the video, 23 year old Daniel Flippen of Hammonton, was also charged in the incident. The Press of Altantic City quotes Bruce Bellace, owner of Bellace Plumbing and Heating, as saying, “We apologized to the family… I’m sorry for his actions. I’m not proud of him.”

Legalizing Pot Debate Continues in NJ

Advocates for legalizing marijuana have long argued it would strike a blow for social justice after a decades-long drug war that disproportionately targeted minority and poor communities. But social equity has been both a sticking point and selling point this year in New Jersey, an other states weighing whether to join the 10 that allow recreational use of pot. Complicating the law-making process, sometimes even among supporters, are questions about how best to erase marijuana convictions and ensure that people who were arrested for pot benefit from legal marijuana markets.